Rut Bundle PRO

FREE bags of Odin’s Innovations® Doe Estrous and Dominant Buck Scent Beads with purchase of Rut Bundle PRO, a $35.90 value.

The innovative Rut Rouser® Dual Mister makes it easy for hunters to control two game attracting scents at the same time. The unit is designed to be placed on the ground where you want to attract wild game.

Doe Estrous, in its most potent peak, as changing hormones mix with the chemistry of a doe’s urine emitting sensory signals to bucks that a doe in the area is ready for breeding. Our high quality synthetic blend effectively emulates the scent of this phase of the doe’s breeding cycle. Use during the peak of the rut to lures in bucks in search of those does that are receptive for breeding.

Dominant buck urine is a way for mature bucks to claim their territory and will attract other bucks to the area. Use during pre-rut and rut can lure dominant bucks in the area to cruise through more often in rival of their territory. When used in combination with doe estrous in the Rut Rouser® Dual Mister, it becomes a powerful attractant.

Rut Bundle PRO Includes:

  • (1) Rut Rouser® Dual Mister
  • (4) Hunter's Kloak® Doe Estrous Scent Cartridge
  • (1) Hunter's Kloak® Dominant Buck Urine Scent Cartridge


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