Hog Bundle PRO

FREE bag of Odin’s Innovations® Apple Scent Beads with purchase of Hog Bundle PRO, a $17.95 value.

Hunter’s Kloak® Hog Bundle includes the Rut Rouser®, Apple, Sweet Corn, Sugar Beet, Peanut Butter and Vanilla Scents. These scents arean effective long-range attraction that draws hogs, and other game to the area seeking a source of food.

The innovative Rut Rouser® Dual Mister makes it easy for hunters to control two game attracting scents at the same time.The perfect scent source for drawing and holding hogs and other game into the area you are hunting, raising your odds of a successful hunt.

The lightweight Rut Rouser® Dual Mister uses two scent cartridges at a time to dispense a fine mist that is naturally carried downwind, broadcasting the scents for long-range attraction. A cotton wick carries the synthetic liquid scent to an ultrasonic transducer and the scent is converted to a micro-fine mist that is emitted into the air at intervals selected by the hunter of 6, 9, 15 seconds, and Scent Burst mode are available on each port. The paired remote gives the hunter an advantage of independently or simultaneously controlling the two scent cartridges from an active range of up to 160 feet.

Rut Rouser® is simple to use. Remove the top portion of the unit by depressing the locks located on each end. Remove the top portion, insert the scent cartridges of your choice and replace the top portion of the unit. Set on the ground where you want to leave it during the hunt. Press and hold the power button until the power indicator light glows. Then choose a time interval for each scent port by pressing the delay set button as it cycles through the lights indicating the delay setting.

The provided USB cable recharges the battery while the battery is in the unit. The average life of a fully-charged battery is approximately 5.5 hours with a recharge rate of 4.5 hours to full charge. The unit is operable at temperatures as low as 28°F (-3°C).

The unit can use any combination of Hunter’s Kloak® Scents. The variety of 2.5-ounce scent cartridges are mess-free, easy to install, and are interchangeable while on the hunt. Each scent cartridge last approximately 4.5 hours. The Hunter’s Kloak® Rut Rouser Dual Mister comes with a remote, charging cable, and battery.