Setup & use

The following instructions are for the Hunter’s Kloak™ Mist System:

Turn On/Operate Mister

Press and hold power button until lights are on. Release and press again until reaching the setting of your choice.

  • Yellow – mist every 3 seconds
  • Red – mist every 6 seconds
  • Green – mist every 9 seconds
  • Blue – mist every 30 seconds


Turn Mister off

Press and hold power button until setting lights turn off, then release.



The following accessories are included with your Hunter’s Kloak™ Mist System:

  • Hunter’s Kloak™ Earth Scent Cartridge. Use to conceal your odor during the hunt.
  • Charging Cable. Use the Charging cable to connect your Mist System to any USB power adapter for convenient charging.
  • Lanyard. Use with the Mist System to easily transport the mister or hang it from a blind or tree. (see illustration below for attaching)
  • Battery. When the battery is fully empty, it takes approx. 4.5-5 hours to fully charge. When the mister is fully charged, all four LEDs light up until the USB cable is disconnected. The setting LED lights are also used for setting mode, charging indication, and to check battery level. The battery lasts up to 5.5 hours at #3’s spray mode, 10 hours at #6’s spray mode, 15 hours at #9’s spray mode and 45 hours at #30’s spray mode.