Odin’s Innovations® Completes the Acquisition of Hunter’s Kloak®

December 31, 2020 2 min read

December 31, 2020

Prairie Village, KS – After years of using the Hunter’s Kloak synthetic scents in Odin’s Innovations time released delivery, the brands are combining to provide hunters with next generation scent delivery options to improve the chances for a successful hunt! “When we decided to move our product to 100% synthetic scents, we looked for the most effective and proven. That led us to Hunter’s Kloak,” said Paul Black of Odin’s Innovations. Combining the companies is the logical next step to ensure that Odin’s customers would continue to use the best synthetic scents available.

Extensively field and laboratory tested, Odin’s releases scent for 30 days or more and is “rain-proof”, continuing to work even after heavy rain or snow. Furthermore, Odin’s Scent Beads biodegrade, leaving the area Better Than You Found It®.“The Odin’s product is brilliant,” said Jodie Daniels of Hunter’s Kloak. “The products create a shift in how hunter’s look at the use of scents,” said Black. “With our lure scents, the hunter can survey the traffic in front of trail cameras without frequent re-introduction of human scent when restocking...and, it is effective the entire time.”

“Also,” continued Black, “when the pheromone (dominant buck & doe in estrus urine) scents are effective, we feel that the stability of our release beads and the efficacy of synthetic scents combine to provide the most effective attractants available.”

Mr. Black subjected his scented beads to testing at a university chemistry laboratory. During the test, scent beads were exposed to the elements for 27 days. Every three days, samples were collected and measured by a Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer to determine scent potency. After 27 days, the product retained more than half of its initial potency!

Many of the Hunter’s Kloak products will continue to be available and used in concert with the Odin’s family of great products. “Odin’s has been fortunate to grow very quickly,” said Black. “This puts more fuel in our tank!”

“The entire Hunter’s Kloak team would also like to share our gratitude and appreciation for not only your business, but your support and partnership over the previous four years. Each and every one of you have played a role in helping Hunter’s Kloak become what it is today. It is a bittersweet time, but rest assured you are in good hands with Odin’s,” said Gabrielle Bartlett, VP of Hunter’s Kloak, in a release to customers and dealers.