Hunter’s Kloak Introduces the NEW Scents on

August 29, 2018 3 min read

Hunter’s Kloak Introduces the NEW Scents on



Hunter’s Kloak introduces new scents to its line-up for use with the new Rut Rouser Dual Mister and the Gen 2 Kloak Mister. The nine new scents introduced include at least one product in the concealment, attractant, curiosity, rut lure, and repellent categories.

“One thing we always strive to do well is listen and learn. We listen to our retail and business partners but most importantly, we listen to those who are using our product in the field. We thrive on feedback and meeting the requests for new and better products. All of the scents we are adding to our lineup this year stemmed from specific hunter request,” Jodie Daniels, President at Hunter’s Kloak.

The key to the effectiveness of a synthetic scent is how closely it matches the aromatic scent it imitates. Developed hand-in-hand with one of the world’s leading scent companies, all Hunter’s Kloak scents contain high-quality, premium synthetic blends that effectively replicate the scents they imitate.

Hunter’s Kloak launched in 2017 with Earth, Apple, Acorn and Sugar Beet. new scents for 2018 include:

  • Concealment Scents , to cover-up human odors:
    • Pine – Fresh pine scent, those found in rich coniferous woods or plantations, work well as a cover scent, disguising human odors which allow hunters to remain undetected by game animals.
    • Cedar – Cedar is a softwood conifer that releases a powerful aromatic scent. Cedar works well as a cover scent, and because it is a natural scent, it works well even in areas where cedars are not likely to grow.
  • Attractants Scents , to entice game animals:
    • Sweet Corn – Fragrant sweet corn has an effective long-range attraction that draws in deer to the area seeking a source of food.
  • Curiosity Scents , to intrigue game animals and keep them in the area longer:
    • Peanut Butter – The aromatic-rich smell of peanuts is not only a curiosity scent; it is also a food source in areas where peanuts are agriculturally grown, emitting the aromatic scent of a freshly turned field of peanuts drying in the sunlight.
    • Vanilla – The sweet aroma of natural vanilla has been used successfully by hunters as a cover scent and a curiosity scent for many years. The scent works well when walking to the stand and while hunting from the stand to cover any human scent; and also works to incite curiosity and to attract game animals.
  • Rut Lure Scents , to entice bucks during the pre-rut and rut phase:
    • Doe Estrous – Doe Estrous, in its most potent peak, as changing hormones mix with the chemistry of a doe’s urine emitting sensory signals to bucks that a doe in the area is ready for breeding.
    • Dominant Buck Urine – Dominant buck urine is a way for mature bucks to claim their territory and will attract other bucks to the area. When used in combination with doe estrous, it becomes a powerful attractant.
  • Bug Repellent Scent , to repel mosquitos and other flying insects:
    • Citronella – Effective to keep pesky mosquitos away when turkey, early bow hunting, or any other activity where mosquitoes need to be controlled. While citronella is certainly nothing new to hunters, the atomized misting of Citronella using the Gen 2 Kloak Mister is a new and effective way to keep mosquitos at bay.

Each scent cartridge is 2.5 fluid ounces (75ml) sealed with a screw-on cap that can be reused to cap the cartridge for storage. For easy at-a-glance recognition, all Hunter’s Kloak Scent Cartridges are clearly labeled with the name of the contents. The MSRP of every Hunter’s Kloak Scent Cartridge is between $9.99 and $12.99, available at the Hunter’s Kloak website, Walmart, and select dealers nationwide.

Originally posted on Inside Archery, August 28, 2018. Link to article.