November 05, 2018 2 min read

Check out this video testimonial for Rut Rouser™ and the Hunter's Kloak® Doe Estrous Scent provided by Brett Graves of SKG Outdoors. Brett is a professional ball player during the warmer months and an avid hunter for the rest of the year. Brett and the SKG team have been using Hunter's Kloak products since 2017 and have provided valuable feedback that helps shape our development process. Thanks for the testimonial and congrats on the Missouri buck Brett!

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Video Transcription: "So yesterday was actually the first time that I used the Doe Estrus scent and it turned out pretty good for me. I’ve been using the mister (Kloak Mister) and I’ve used the Rut Rouser a couple times this year so far and been loving it. I’ve been switching out the scents in the cartridges and really loving it... but yesterday was the first time I had the Doe Estrous. Actually forgot my mister (Kloak Mister) so I had the Rut Rouser with me in a tree. I had it clipped on the little hole right here to a screw-in-step up in the tree with me. We had a really good wind in our face and this buck… he snuck up on us. I’m pretty sure because this (Rut Rouser) was blowing wind right behind us and he wrapped-up from the valley behind us and obviously it turned out to be really successful. I think due in large part to this (Rut Rouser). We were rattling, we had a decoy and we had the Rut Rouser to seal the deal."

Brett has found success two years in a row with Hunter's Kloak® products – harvesting two highly respectable bucks.

Brett Grave with Hunter's Kloak Bucks 2017 and 2018

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