December 05, 2019 1 min read

"Andrew loaded up his rut rouser and mister pro and headed for the stand on a cold frosty morning. The pine scent was the perfect match as he sat in his jack pine forest. The mist sprayed into the cold morning air surrounding him with a shield of concealment. His Rut Rouser, loaded with buck urine and Doe estrous laid down a irresistible combination. As the sun rose above the frost covered pines , the silhouette of a beautiful Michigan whitetail buck appeared off in the distance. He made is way in with his nose to the ground, coming directly in towards the direction of the Rut Rouser. With Andrew’s heart beating a mile a minute, he slowing lifted up his crossbow, aimed, and pulled the trigger. In a flash the buck felt the fire of the arrow flying through his lungs. He only made it 45 yards before meeting his end. Thanks to the concealment of the mister pro and the luring power of the Rut Rouser, it was a morning to rememeber."

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